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The fabric of American society has been slowly and methodically picked at, scratched at, submitted to the kind of repeated friction that serves to wear the cloth thin. Some of this is due to the usual wear and tear of the cloth as it ages, but even the innocently exposed threads have then been intentionally plucked at, tugged angrily, pulled gently, and worried away.


The fabric of American society is falling apart. As a people we are coming undone.


How did we get here?

What, if anything, can we do about it? 

The place most minds go when the topic of Critical Theory comes up is "race" (CRT), and this is understandable as educators and business trainers are touting its efficacy as a training or teaching tool to address cultural diversity, inclusion, and the like, while influencers are telling everyone how Marxist and therefore very, very bad it is.

Everyone, whether for or against it, wants to talk about where CRT came from, but not exactly what it is. This original political philosophy fills in the gaps between emotional talking points and abstract thinking in order to provide clarity based on principles instead of blind emotion.

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