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Bio | Dorothy Logan

With graduate degrees in political science - and with some musical talent, Dorothy has been a professor, worship leader, performing musician, and organizational coach. And as a constructive editor, she has contributed to foreign policy analysis, congressional and court testimony, as well as books on foreign policy, leadership, community impact, and personal faith.


She had a short speaking career birthed from the aftermath of 9/11, with audiences ranging from synagogues and churches to community groups and public service employees.

In the year 2020, Dorothy again recognized gaps in prevailing societal perspectives and was struck with an urgency to fill those gaps for anyone who would listen, so she founded Freedom Academy with Dorothy to prepare others for controversial but crucial conversations in an era of fear and passionate polarization, to teach others what was no longer being spoken about at the dinner table: Why Americans should embrace liberty – and how to live according to principles instead of as slaves to their passions.


Dorothy is at heart a political philosopher and lover of liberty who consciously and intentionally integrates her biblical worldview into every facet of her life as she is first and foremost a follower of Christ and a daughter of the Most High King.

Dorothy currently resides in Florida with her husband Randy and her Morkie named Zoey. Dorothy's (3) adult children also live in different cities all across Florida.

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