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Freedom 101

The introduction to freedom every American adult needs to competently understand and evaluate what is happening in American society - and around the world.

These four consecutive building block sessions lay the foundation.


Week 1: Freedom Defined

What is freedom?

Dictionary definition? Personal understanding? What qualifies?

Everyone thinks they know what freedom is, but can you defend and support the concept? If not, is America really the land of the free?

Freedom's Foundation - Bill of Rights

Week 2: Freedom's Foundation

What are the foundational principles of American freedom?

Where do we get this idea of liberty and inherent rights?

We cannot know where we are going if we don't know where we are.

And we cannot know where we are if we don't know where we came from.

Freedome Threatened - Police State Tyranny

Week 3: Freedom Threatened

What are the greatest threats to freedom?

What would it take to move from a free society into the realm of tyranny?

Is American freedom under threat?

If so by what measure?


Week 4: Freedom's Defense

Is freedom worth protecting?

If so, how do we do this?

Is it someone else's job?

How do we tangibly take responsibility for something so intangible?

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