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Black Swan

Welcome to 2024!

We tend to take stock each year. As December comes to a close, we are reminded biggest events of the year – top stories in entertainment, in sports, in local and national politics, in natural disasters and global crises or most viral videos or chart topping songs. We may also take time to reflect on our personal failures and accomplishments from the last 12 months.

And then we charge headlong into the future! We try to make predictions and outline our goals – or at a minimum, we manage to articulate some hopes for the year to come.

And that is where we are today – In Week One of the year 2024 – with 51 long weeks stretched out before us, knowing they will be filled with global conflicts and presidential campaigns, already wondering what surprises “they” have in store for us, and hoping, maybe even believing, that this is the year liberty and truth will make a comeback.

As I always say, “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

Do we celebrate the resignation of Harvard’s president? Is that an actual win? If so, what is the win?

Should we be paying attention to Iowa? Or to Donald Trump’s court filings?

Why are they teasing the American public with the Epstein court documents – but still, no “customers” have been arrested?

What is the state of free speech in the United States right now? Equal application and enforcement of the law?

What are the real risks and costs of our country’s current border policy?

What is the plan to safeguard the elections this year?

And the most disturbing thing I found in the annual roundup was the “prediction of a black swan event.” If you don’t know, a black swan event is something happening that you couldn’t even imagine happening because it was an innately assumed impossibility.

What is something WE HAVEN’T EVEN THOUGHT OF YET – that we won’t even be ABLE to think of UNTIL IT HAPPENS?

That is what makes it scary, because I can think of a number of terrifying (and plausible) scenarios that may just play out in 2024, but it appears that every strategic analyst is on board with predicting something that no one has even thought of yet. Again: REALLY?

The truth is…we live in exciting times. And I am VERY curious to see what happens next! But I believe too many Americans – and all the government officials and candidates – seem to think the world is the same as it always has been. They seem to believe the political game can be played the same way it always has been. They seem to believe the media can be used the same way it always has been.

And my greatest fear is that they are correct.

That people will look to government for help feeding their families and paying their rent. That people will continue to blame those who voted differently from them for the everyday problems they face. That people won’t notice the blatant and obvious failure of our justice system. That people won’t notice the broken promises to our inner-city populations in favor of illegal aliens. That people won’t notice evil being redefined as good and the replacement of age-old principles with feel-good activism that’s actually harming the psyche of all of its adopters. That people won’t notice the erosion of free speech, private property, or freedom of conscience.

Even when all this is all occurring out in the daylight, perpetrated by agents who are also arrogantly celebrating the demise of innocent childhoods, preparatory education, academic institutions, and the entrepreneur-driven market economy.

No one is hiding their intentions anymore, yet somehow there is still a vast number of Americans who cannot see the forest for the trees as they simply try to hold on to their way of life through bouts of inflation and crime and illness.

And there are also WAY too many people siding with evil simply because they want to be on the winning team.

The well-oiled lies are doing their work, I fear, as they spread, casting a film over the obvious truths, obscuring the extent of their actual destruction.

The world is not as it always has been. It is on edge. Something will happen. If not something BIG, then a whimpering death – of liberty, of history, of civilization itself.

Will this be a year of famine and darkness and sword? Will this year mark the end of life as we know it? Will this be the year Truth is proclaimed in power and with authority? Will this be the year of the broken and contrite heart of our nation?

How can you be ready for that Black Swan event?

Happy New Year from Freedom Academy with Dorothy.

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