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I've lost my faith

Updated: Feb 3

In almost every institution.

I don’t have faith in the integrity of the election system. We have had three years to see what would be done to assuage those who truly believe the 2020 election was stolen. Because essentially nothing has been done or addressed, other than repeatedly saying there was no fraud, and just repeating the line that the elections were the most secure in U.S. history over and over, I am 100% certain the results of the 2020 election are based upon massive and varied fraud schemes.

No, I’m not just talking censorship of stories directed by the FBI and CIA and the pouring of money into local elections by Big Tech. I’m not talking just about ballot harvesting and double voting in two states by college students and dead people still on the rolls. This isn’t even about video evidence that people are still denying exists.

So why am I 100% convinced now? Outside the mathematical impossibility of the results (that is a crazy rabbit hole to go down), the real reason is because all that had to be done to prove Biden won was exactly what Trump supporters wanted them to do: Transparency, recounts, signature comparisons, tracking the computer data, etc.

Don’t tell me it couldn’t be done. I watched in agony in 2000 as the Palm Beach County Board of Elections not only hand counted every single ballot, but attempted to divine intent behind the hanging chads, and the dimpled chads, and how they lined up on the Butterfly Ballot. EVERY SINGLE BALLOT was held up to the light, held up to the cameras and debated. For every single candidate and item on said ballot.

I mean, the part about me watching in agony is not trivial. There were multiple people checking each and every ballot, and there were cameras on every checker the entire time – and every single ballot truly was agonized over and intent was in essence determined by committee and the transparency was actually there. There were people in the room, the media played the role of watchdog as every single TV station you could imagine stayed for weeks while the process dragged on. I saw it done.

So why did they not do this in 2020? And they’ve had 3 more years to get it done. So why haven’t they? Because they all know Trump did win.

Truly, even if you hate Trump, everyone at this point should believe Trump won, especially those who keep telling his voters, “Trump lost, get over it,” especially the Trump haters. Because if they truly believed Biden won, they would have BEGGED for the very thing their opponents were asking. Why?

Because they would definitely want to rub Trump voters’ noses in it. They would have loved to have the ultimate ammunition with which to mock the losers for demanding the very thing that would have made the humiliation absolute and complete.

Trump haters know Trump won. That’s the only reason they don’t demand the very same thing Trump voters were demanding.

The only people I find more annoying than Trump haters who keep telling Trump supporters that he lost in 2020 are the Trump supporters who are SO SURE Trump will win in 2024 – just you wait and see. Really? You actually think the system will be anywhere close to secure and transparent?

I don’t want to get into every little detail that is available to anyone who is willing to examine real evidence – evidence that has been available since 2012 about voting machines, the Chinese connection, the math, and the lack of security of the data – not to mention video evidence. But nothing has been done to make sure NONE or ANY of this happens in 2024. Stop thinking Trump is going to win in 2024. That takes a special kind of faith based mostly in...I don't know what...wishful thinking?


No one can even say they believe the election was stolen without risking the FBI coming and searching their homes, arresting them, and using the justice system to punish them for being political opponents to the reigning regime. I have definitely lost faith in a justice system that serves the regime and does nothing to protect the liberties of its people.

And I haven’t even mentioned the two-tiered justice system based on nothing but whether or not the criminal holds the “correct” political views or is trying to advance the “approved” ideology.

I have lost faith in the media as well. Not just the mainstream or legacy media, but pretty much all networks and large papers. I see agendas behind every story, regardless of which direction one is coming from (right/left). More important than what they are telling us is what they are leaving out.

And heaven forbid someone do their own research. When I say I do my own research, I don’t just watch a YouTube video (like the deriders of “doing your own research” like to accuse). I go to primary documents and government websites and foreign media and know how to do rudimentary data analysis, and I can think in basic logic).

The next line in the anti-research argument is “Since when did you become an expert in X? What is your PhD in?”

Well, I’ve also lost faith in experts. Yes, I think I’m smarter than the experts. Why don’t you think you’re smarter than the experts?

How many times did they get it wrong in 2020-2021 alone? How many Americans still believe the experts and trust them even though they are fully vaccinated and boosted and still got sick and maybe even hospitalized? (The dead ones cannot change their minds.) But even there, which experts should we trust? The ones approved by the regime (including the media) – or the ones silenced by those in power?

I’ve lost faith in the medical industry too. Our doctors should have known better. There was no longitudinal data on a new technology (mRNA software for cells). There was, however, data available on remdesivir and even though the rest of the world said the risk was too high, American hospitals and doctors kept administering it. Likewise, after it was discovered that putting someone on a respirator/ventilator gave them an 88% chance of dying…I think they should have considered other remedies (and there were some) for low oxygen.

I’ve also lost faith in the American church. This should have been the time for them to claim truth and freedom, peace and prosperity. Instead, they went along to get along. Evangelism should have been at an all-time high. Prayer should have filled our streets and our homes. They should have been the hands and feet of Jesus not just to the sick and suffering, but to those in prison, the homeless, the hungry, and the spiritually empty, and the poor.

But they disappeared. Attended services from their couches. Ceased meeting together (like the pagans). And (for the most part) willingly chose to obey man’s law over God’s law. They lived in fear, just like everyone else. Perfect love casts out fear, people. If you are living in fear, how can you be filled with the Spirit?

The pandemic and the church’s response to it (or lack thereof) set us up for a moral and spiritual crisis once everyone believed things had gotten back to normal. We find ourselves where we are because the church (as a whole) abdicated its responsibility, elevated fear over faith, and just like those who do NOT call themselves Christians, replaced compassion with compliance and contempt for empathy.

We find ourselves in an election year, and I have no faith in the electoral system.

We find ourselves in a democracy where political opponents are punished using the justice system when we should be living in a constitutional federal republic where each person’s individual rights should be protected and liberty should win over the tyranny of the now permanent majority who can justify its trampling of liberties and rights and the American people buy into it.

Because it is all propped up by a media that I have also lost all faith in.

My lack of faith in experts, including medical ones, is not as problematic – but the fact that so many people still believe in the expertise of agency heads, academics, and medical professionals might be.

And though I’ve lost faith in the American church, I have not quite lost all faith in the American people. But it’s a close call. It’s now or never. Please prove me wrong. Please show me there are more people like me out there.

And my faith in my Savior and Friend is absolute because not only is He the measure of all things, but because He has always been faithful to me.

I cannot force anyone to leave the chaos of this dark world and follow me into the light, but the invitation is there. And that is part of the urgency I feel in this moment where I maybe went too far this time. But as I's now or never.

Pursue Love. Live Free. And remember, you know better what will make you happy than anyone else – even, especially, the government.

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