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It's more than hypocrisy...

There is a money laundering operation (war) going on in Europe. Russia and China are cooperating with one another. Russia and Iran are cooperating with one another. Iran is financing and training terrorists in the Middle East – and overtly going after the governments of other countries (not just Israel, but Yemen, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Jordan – and they already have Lebanon).

Migrants are pouring in over the Southern border, including those from China and the MENA region. Meanwhile, Westerners thinking they are supporting peace are actually condoning horrific terror acts and calling for genocide.

Afghanistan is being run once again by the Taliban, who shutters up their women, beheads artists and musicians, cuts off the hands of criminals, and stones or hangs homosexuals and apostates…all while training the next generation of al Qaeda and supplying Hamas with U.S. military grade equipment.

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the internet, creative spaces, company training, advertising, social media, and classrooms.

We don’t have actual software installed on our devices anymore. Our documents are all stored in a cloud, and we purchase or rent access to our own content creation and applications. Access that could be cut off for any reason at any time according to end user agreements that even if we DID read them (most of us did not), we don’t remember.

There is a push toward “carbon-neutral” business models when we don’t really understand what that means. There is a focus on the “climate crisis” with “solutions” that actually harm the environment and destroy entire ecosystems. Not to mention, international agreements that serve no purpose other than to punish prosperity, progress, and purchasing power – in search of global equity – instead of pushing for greater development in under-developed regions and better living conditions for all.

There is so much to pay attention to, that maybe we missed the abortion sanctuary states that have passed legislation making infanticide legal and the state laws that undermine parental authority in favor of the government’s right to decide what is best for children and punish parents who disagree, while also irrevocably harming minors’ endocrine systems and rewarding parents with Munchausen-by-proxy.

There is a push toward a universal EV mandate – even though implementing it in the timeframe mandated is impossible and if attempted, could destroy the economy and the electric grid, and kill a lot of people.

And if you hold the wrong position on any one of a number of controversial topics, there is always the chance you could be defamed, arrested, and/or prosecuted. Just ask Russell Brand, the January 6 defendants, parents at school board meetings, and pro-life protestors…not to mention President Donald J. Trump.

Now, I’m not going to get into Russell Brand, but those of us who have been paying attention understand that if Big Tech doesn’t like what you have to say, they will demonetize you, ban your videos or posts, “fact-check” you, etc. And if you have a big enough following, they will try to undermine you through lawsuits and prosecutions – even for alleged events that allegedly took place so long ago, they are no longer pursuable under the statute of limitations.

For the January 6 defendants, not only has the footage not been released, but even without it, most of these are simple trespass charges – and people are committing suicide waiting for the other shoe to drop from the federal government – over simple trespass.

The ones who are responsible for encouraging people to go into the capitol, who are on video busting out windows and opening the doors from the inside have yet to be arrested or charged.

Meanwhile, those responsible for deaths (whether Ashley Babbit’s shooting death or Roseanne Boyle who was beaten after she was already dead) are making a name (and/or money) for themselves as expert witnesses and on national television as “the good guys.”

(It might be a good place to note that other protests have recently taken over state capitols – and yes, even the national capitol, without the same penalties as those who walked through open doors, took video of The People’s House, and then left when asked.)

Then there are parents at school board meetings. Did we forget that the Department of Justice has labeled parents who get upset at members of their local school boards for not listening to their concerns as potential terror threats who should be monitored by a national agency? And yes, some parents have been arrested or escorted out for using their constitutionally protected first amendment rights (free speech, freedom to peaceably assemble, right to petition the government).

Likewise, we have peaceful abortion protestors being prosecuted and sentenced to decades in jail for simply blocking the path while pro-abortion activists who have perpetrated dozens of destructive attacks on Catholic churches and pregnancy resource centers have never been arrested nor charged, nor ever will be, apparently.

Why am I calling these arrests and prosecutions political? Although many might try to point out the hypocrisy, it is not that simple. What is evident to anyone who is honest with themselves is that governments are punishing people for having the WRONG IDEAS.

People with the “correct” ideas can burn businesses to the ground, beat shopkeepers with two-by-fours, tear down fences, block roads, loot stores, tear down statues, deface private and government property, and face insignificant (if any) legal consequences for their actions.

This reflects the reality that no, there isn’t “just application of the laws.” There is no equality under the law. And the only determining factor regarding whether someone will be arrested, allowed bail, prosecuted, or released without charge is the beliefs someone holds or is publicly defending. This is not hypocrisy; this is intentional targeting of “wrong beliefs.” That makes it political.

And this is nowhere more evident than in the most unprecedented actions taken to indict and sue a former President of the United States. I get that a lot of people hate him. I also get that a lot of people love him. But that polarization is the point, as we shall soon see.

What everyone out there fails to recognize is that not only is this targeting of a former president unprecedented, but it does not (as some like to claim) indicate that “nobody is above the law.”

Indeed, this unprecedented targeting (on multiple fronts) of a billionaire former president does the exact opposite of this claim. It highlights the fact that if you hold the “right” positions or adhere to the “correct” ideologies, YOU ARE INDEED ABOVE THE LAW.

There are people on video discussing how they are paid to steal elections. These people are not being prosecuted. Nor are the candidates they stole elections for. Many of these are local or state elections. But it is naïve to believe this is not happening at the U.S. Congress level (or presidential level) as well.

Hillary Clinton is guilty of security risks with her emails, and not unrelated, there is plenty of evidence of pay-to-play influence when she was Secretary of State under President Obama.

Vice-President Biden took home files he had no right to and stored them irresponsibly. And again, on video, he bragged about using quid pro quo methods to get what he wanted in Ukraine.

These are only a couple of examples, but as soon as one just scratches the surface, they will find that pretty much everyone in elected office (or seeking elected office) is guilty of similar – or maybe even far worse – crimes and indiscretions than President Trump is accused of. So this targeting of President Trump only shines a light on the fact that there are indeed people above the law. A lot of them.

Only if we start going after every single elected official, every single political candidate, for every POSSIBLE violation of law can we say there is no one above the law. By singling out Donald Trump and going after him in civil court, they are confirming the hypothesis of political prosecution, not the notion that no one is above the law.

They are confirming the tyranny of democracy over the losers. They are boldly declaring that if you hold the “correct” positions on issues and do what they want you to, you can get away with almost anything. If, however, you do not toe the line, or maybe they just don’t like you, they will go after you with everything they’ve got – even if it is not much and will not rise to the level of criminality that those in power they agree with get away with on the daily.

Such political prosecutions not only make a bold statement about who is above the law and who will be targeted by the law, but they serve the goal of greater division and greater polarization within the American experience.

Political prosecutions with the help of a complicit media will to some confirm everything they want to believe about the people that don’t agree with them. The complicit media will give those people all the arguments they need to demonize those that disagree with them.

Yet at the same time, these political prosecutions galvanize those who see themselves as targeted by the evil on THE OTHER SIDE. Case in point: support behind the former president has never been higher. And the ones with the guns are stocking up believing that their government might just be coming for them next.

Both sides are demonizing one another and galvanizing their positions while lawyers are billing by the hour, arms and ammunition manufacturers are making bank, and protestors on both sides of every issue are gaining confidence in the idea that “they” are in the right – and everyone who disagrees with them is in the wrong.

Is this where we should be as a people?

We have a border crisis, a drug use crisis, a mental health crisis, a housing crisis, a national debt crisis, and a climate crisis. We are being monitored and tracked – what we buy, what we watch, where we go, and what we say.

We are at war. And not just in Europe and Israel. We are at war here in what was once the land of the free. We are in a culture war. We are at war within ourselves. And we are seeking out conflict, not peace, in every interaction.

There is way too much coming at us to be well-versed in anything, let alone everything that matters. And most people are so apathetic they don’t even know there is too much to be concerned about to be concerned about anything. Chinese spy balloons, CBDCs, inflation, food deserts, homelessness, the potential for nuclear war.

This post should end with a strong point. It doesn’t.

Most people ask the same question over and over and over and over: So…what can we do?

And my answer is the same every time. And I will keep beating the drum over and over and over and over:

  • Jump outside the narrative and do the unexpected.

  • Understand there is an immutable standard by which to measure good and evil, right and wrong, and then judge events and behavior against that standard.

  • Live according to principles instead of the passions in the moment.

  • Do the next right thing.

  • Love your neighbor – AND your enemy.

  • Be curious.

  • Be vigilant.

  • Speak up when you see injustice and evil winning – even when it could cost you your reputation or your job.

  • Live life in joy and confidence. Be at peace within yourself.

  • Share these same solutions within your own sphere of influence.

And lastly, get your kids out of public school, and constantly remind yourself you are not trapped in your job, in your city, in your situation, whatever it may be.

To be free, you must live as though you are free. And you are free. You were born innately free.

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