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It's Not All Bad News, But...

When it comes to American politics, there is a lot going on. Not only is it a presidential election year – and we are just coming off the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, we are also confronted with a constitutional crisis on the Texas-Mexico border, and the displacement of urban communities and their priorities in favor of migrants who broke the law to enter the country in the first place.

We have Hunter Biden’s laptop’s contents being verified by the FBI, an impeachment inquiry into President Biden that we know will probably not go anywhere at this point, a lot of chatter about Jeffrey Epstein’s “client list,” a money-laundering operation (I don’t know what else it could be) going through Ukraine, demonstrators defending a terrorist organization (Hamas), and biological males participating and crushing records in girls and women’s sports.

Military readiness is at an all-time low, due to low recruitment numbers and misplaced training initiatives. Meanwhile we have American assets under attack in the Middle East, and the U.S. is trying to fight cold wars with Russia and China at the same time.

We have states who want to force electric vehicles on their citizenry – even amidst the failure of such vehicles to withstand cold, heat, and flooding – not to mention an electric grid that already cannot support the draw on it and is not hardened against EMPs or solar flares, let alone hacking and sabotage. I’m not even going to mention the slavery used to mine the precious earth metals or the damage to the planet and its ecosystems in pursuit of some sort of “carbon neutral” scoring that (1) is anything but and (2) is irrelevant for oh so many reasons.

Integrity of the election system has yet to be adequately demonstrated – even though they’ve had 3 years to prove to us there is and will be nothing to worry about when it comes to trusting voting equipment, the officials tasked with securing and running elections, and the fear of disenfranchising voters through disinformation, technical errors, censorship and shadow-banning. (Even though some election fraud HAS been recently discovered and legally declared in court decisions.)

We have a two-tiered justice system, unprecedented legal attacks against a former president (and his supporters), and everyone with a voice on a broad national or internet platform has bought into the “democracy” narrative, a narrative that is most destructive to the traditional American concept of individual liberty and the right to hold and voice an unpopular opinion.

The national political parties want to play the game as it has always been played, including using abortion as the hot button issue to sway voters – and this time it might actually work, due to the Dobbs decision that pro-life advocates believe was such a win for them.

Evangelical Christians were once the base of the Republican Party, but since 2012, they have had no presidential candidate appealing to them as the base, and thus they have developed an apathy for politics while the GOP has simultaneously stopped appealing to them as necessary voters. Not to mention, fewer and fewer Americans are identifying as people adhering to ANY kind of faith practice or belief.

The Democratic party successfully elected the oldest president in history, one with health issues – including mental decline – that every other country’s news outlets (from Australia to Al Jazeera) are very aware of and highlight in their coverage, yet they are planning to run him again – and the American media establishment continues to cover FOR him, not act as the watchdog they were tasked with when they first took to the airwaves. (The disparity between foreign versus domestic coverage is stark and undeniable.)

Without mentioning Chinese spying, jihadis who have come through a porous border, the fentanyl and mental health crises, the fallout from vaccine mandates and DEI hires, or the push for globalization – I could also discuss the health of FREEDOM in the United States (my supposed focus here) through the lens of some Liberty WINS, but those wins (as will future wins) for freedom came only after the loss of liberty – and the absurdity of how it was lost – became impossible to ignore.

Although I am happy there are more people aware of how far away from America’s core value we have fallen, it baffles me how there is anyone left who cannot see it.

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