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Thanksgiving is over, yet we continue to have so much to be thankful for:

  • Our health, if we have it – our every breath, if we don’t.

  • The family members who love us so much they spent time with us on Thanksgiving Day – and those too far away or who had other plans but love us just the same – AND the family members whose existence continually challenges us to be better people, to love all mankind, and how to demonstrate grace and forgiveness.

  • Our homes, whether they be sprawling estates or a travel trailer.

  • The food in our bellies – especially if it is yummy.

  • The use of our senses, whether it be seeing the Christmas lights go up (or the sunset), the cozy touch of fleece on the first cold night of the season, hearing the song of the cardinal and the martin (or the songs of holiday cheer while we shop), the taste of our favorite treats, or the smell of vanilla and cinnamon.

There are so many things to be thankful for, a comprehensive list would take pages and pages. So today, I am thankful for my voice, my upbringing by God-fearing parents, the music of my childhood, and that I finally found an avenue to share some of my ideas with strangers.

This week’s blog thus consists of two recent recordings of me sharing some of my ideas.

The first is a podcast by Men With Chests. I encourage you to check out his website. This guy is doing more heavy lifting in the battle to save our country than I am. We were encouraged by one another – and talked for an additional hour after this episode.

There are many “nobodies” out there. Some of them are so much smarter than I am. This guy (Joseph Weigel) does not have a graduate degree, but he wants to bring back classical education - and is trying to do so almost singlehandedly.

He is a fire fighter by trade, yet he’s written much heavier books than mine – and I am reminded that I never even wanted to try to sell the books…I just wanted to get them written and then move on to something more fun. I am humbled that I was given the opportunity to meet Joseph – and then pursued for an interview by such a man of character.

(Please listen – and per his request, please leave a review!)

The second is Bill Martinez Live. Bill Martinez has a syndicated radio show in more than 250 markets and his longer podcast is not only hosted by those outlets but also as a live “TV show” and then posted immediately to YouTube.

The link says the episode is about my book Black and White, but we really just discussed the state of affairs in our country (I did try to bring it back to my work a couple of times). Again, I am humbled that someone with this much reach would invite me to COME BACK on his show.

(Please share with everyone in your sphere of influence.)

As we finish up the year, even as the world continues to burn, I would encourage you to be joyful as we celebrate the Savior King, to intentionally shine light into the darkness, and to approach the future in EXCITEMENT as we wait to see what will happen next!

Isaiah 64:1-5a

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