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The Freedom Problem with Vaccine Passports

This is a 15 minute video. There is a lot here. I break it down below, but watch the video for full context and "authority" of her words.

The upshot of the video – which comes at the very end is this:

If implemented, freedom and liberty are gone for good – there will be no coming back from this.

As for the power of the constitution, in the concept’s inception alone, vaccine passports violate the first amendment AND the fourth amendment, so if something so unconstitutional is implemented by the government whose powers the constitution was designed to limit, what options are left?

Over the past year, we have been watching unconstitutional mandates and government interference in businesses and houses of worship and private organizations – and the constitutional challenges to these executive orders have had little or no impact on implementation. Instead, Americans have been conditioned to think that the unconstitutional mandates are “not a big deal” because “these measures should be taken anyway.” Just because you agree with measures that should be taken does not mean your freedom should be taken away from you – nor from your neighbor who may disagree with you.

Once again – after a year, we now have enough information to decide for ourselves what level of risk we are willing to take (especially those of us who have contracted and survived the coronavirus) – and we should then take on the responsibility of our own health. That could be taking the vaccine -- or wearing N-95 masks and a face shield, social distancing when possible, and/or staying at home or at least away from places where social distancing is not possible – all the while knowing there are those out there who are not going to take the same measures.

I would like to think we are smart enough to determine our individual actions (liberty/freedom of choice) based on our own conscious risk-benefit analysis. The ridiculously high number of Americans who are still insistent they need the government to tell them what to do, however, should still have the FREEDOM to listen and obey any GUIDELINES put out by government agencies and officials. When liberty supersedes force – there are options for everyone.

Just a quick reminder here – our government was established on the principles of John Locke who believed that government should have enough power to protect our rights – and not enough power to take them away…Americans have destroyed their own liberty by handing over way too much power to the government, and yes, they did so voluntarily.

Vaccine passports also violate the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), which forbids asking anyone about their medical status and forbids private companies from denying service based on physiology – which means it would be illegal for private companies or venues to require vaccine passports for entry or service. When the government mandates something illegal, is that not an indication of corruption at the highest levels?

My conclusion: Vaccine passports must be BANNED by law, to strengthen the laws protecting our rights and liberties that are already in place – like the ADA, HIPAA, and – of course – the Constitution. Not only should local and national governments be prohibited from forcing citizens to break laws already on the books, private companies must NOT BE ALLOWED to require it.

Now a quick outline/bullet points on Naomi’s message:

· Websites and most apps are voluntary. You have a choice to download the app - a choice regarding user terms and conditions. If you don't agree to don't have to download the app or use the website.

· Most apps require a username and password – you get to decide when you log on. You are NOT always logged in. Again, you have the choice to use the app or not.

· With vaccine passports, everyone must participate all the time

- Without one, you cannot shop (not even for food), cannot go to a restaurant

- Cannot travel on a bus, train, subway, or airplane – or take an Uber/Lyft

- You are forced to participate

· The vaccine passport platform is the same platform as a social credit system

· Any other functionality can be linked to it

- Banks, PayPal, your COVID status

- Job applications

- Academic or scholarship applications

· Big tech will be more powerful than nations

· QR code scans send information to central database (allows for social contact tracing)

· Your phone/AI listens to you and sends data

- Geolocation data

- Social media activity

- Online search activity

· Couple this with digital currency

- Aligned with Apple Pay and Google Wallet

- Not a “good citizen” could mean loss of income, confiscation of “wealth”

· Danger and influence of China

- In media and big tech

- Any dissidents (or acquaintances) can be targeted

- Deplatforming incentives mirror the social credit system of China

· If implemented, there is no coming back:

- No capitalism

- No free assembly

- No privacy

- No choice in ANY area of life

· What can we do?

- Reach out to U.S. and State Representatives to let them know you are paying attention and encourage them to introduce legislation BANNING vaccine passports

- Encourage them to vote FOR legislation BANNING vaccine passports

- Encourage them to vote AGAINST legislation mandating vaccine passports

This is it, apparently...the final red line. That line we keep moving - the one from which we believe there is no return - will have nowhere else to go. I actually thought we crossed the line a while ago, but after this, there will be no doubt that The Great American Experiment is over - toppled by complacency, moral superiority, contempt, and fear. We need to value life, liberty and happiness again.

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